BeautyXBoo started when I had a vision of makeup that told a story. I love storytelling and wanted to bring it to more than just the pages of my books. I love cosmetics and this is where BXB’s story began. This story wasn’t just about me though, it’s a relatable story that so many people are a part of, and it wouldn’t have been told without all of you, every single one of you are important and that’s why I love telling stories in any way I can, this is what makes me proud to bring everyone BeautyXBoo.

With You In Mind

BeautyXBoo was designed with you in mind, because you are just like me and I want to share these products and the moments they are a part of in a relatable way that we can all have fun sharing stories about! At BXB we are vegan and cruelty- free, I love my furry friends and all animals deserve the same love as they do!