Spirit Board Planchette filled with 15 mystical and magical colours from soft subtle seance to the bright hues of the other side. From mattes to  shimmer and some potions we mixed up you will going from day to night effortlessly. 


Your future awaits you a bright and sparkled life with this mystical ball shimmer highlighter. Our glorious pigments will light up the night. 


The ectoplasm lip gloss oozes hydration and highlights every lip for the ultimate spooky shine. Add it to any lip stick to transform it into magic.


Everyone will “see you” with this sharp as hell, long lasting black eyeliner, made for all goblins and ghouls.

Made with a conscience

Cruelty Free

At BXB we are cruelty- free, I love my furry friends and all animals deserve the same love as they do!


Our product is as unique as our customers because BeautyXBoo was designed with you in mind.

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