About Us

Born in Canada Celina is naturally good at heart. She has always put her soul into everything she has done. In 2015 Celina started 3 exciting adventures.

She started with a podcast called  “The Haunted Estate” this was the first step she took into the world of media. She quickly fell in love with all her fans and fulfilled their request when she wrote her first book “The Home Reader”.

At the end of 2015 Celina started a Company called “Molly Isabella Jewelry Candles” with her husband Adam Myers. It quickly took off, and changed their lives forever. It showed Celina that if you work hard you can achieve anything if you keep at it.

The biggest change of her life came in August 2019, Celina joined TikTok! Quickly people fell in love with her funny videos in which she wasnt afraid to just be herself.

Over the past year you all have laughed, cried and cringed at her videos.

We see something special in Celina and we cant WAIT for her to become a huge part of the beauty industry.